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Curiously Useless


My friend tells me curious facts.
The latest:
“A peanut has 10 calories.”

This fact may seem harmless enough.
A throw away fact for most people: in one ear and out the other.

… but for me, it pops up in my head during the day and has me questioning …

“is that a single peanut or the 2 peanut parts in a single shell?”
what kind of peanut: an African peanut or a European peanut?
“a plain, raw, boiled, dry roasted, or oil roasted peanut?”
what kind of peanuts do I eat? … I don’t think I’ve eaten a boiled one before. I wonder what they taste like? … who eats those ones?
“Why is that Charlie Brown comic strip called Peanuts?”
Why are Volkswagen Beetles called peanuts?
“Peanuts don’t really look like peas. Who named them?”
“Do they use the same type of peanuts in “smoothy” and “crunchy” peanut butter? … or are there smoothy and crunchy peanuts?”

It’s kind of a useless fact:
I’m never going to eat “a” peanut
… my friend might as well tell me how many calories are in a single cow!


note: 513,751 calories supposedly.

double note: sorry, the photo has nothing to do with the post … except there is a post in the photo and a photo in the post. hee hee!


what I’m listening to now #30: The LumineersHo Hey

Halloween Part I




Why are there so many very localized power outages on Halloween night?

One house might be affected but the next house isn’t.

It’s usually the cheap bastards’ houses that get hit for some reason.

Serves them right!

note: When I was kid Halloween lasted for 2 weeks and we got so much stuff that our candy rotted before our teeth did! And there were real monsters too!

double note: When I was a kid, that Charlie Brown Halloween Special was already considered old. The best part was Lucy drawing a Jack-o-lantern face on the back of Charlie Brown’s head.

triple note: sh sh sh sh sh ha ha ha ha ha. or was that Friday the 13th?