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Good Luck, Bad Luck, No Luck, Pot Luck!



I’m not superstitious

… just averagestitious.


note: I guess the guy that drives the salt truck in the winter is the least superstitious person.
… or maybe the person who breaks mirrors with spiders.

double note: a person without an e-mail address, is an e-gypsy.
(sorry, you will have to hover the cursor over the top photo to see why this popped into my head)


Today #244

Today Bunk Strutts over at Tacky Raccoons  sent me this photo. He thinks my name is Plane Tross. I call him Bunks Trutts behind his back, so we are even.

Giant Outdoor Litterbox

This is how to make a giant outdoor litterbox outside of your house. (making a giant outdoor litterbox inside your house may prove more difficult)


First: choose a location.

Second: make a border using something. I used the natural rocks found nearby on top of the area.

Third: add soil. If you add regular dirt or cat litter, that’s okay … because it will become soiled eventually.

And that’s about it.

I guess cats will probably get involved at some point, but you don’t need any of your own.
To bastardize  a line from Shoeless Joe by W. P. Kinsella:

If you build it, they will come.


note: I put flowers in my giant outdoor litterbox while I wait for those cats.

double note: a big thank you to Mr. Pettit  for suggesting this rental property improvement … eventhough he didn’t do any of the work!
… why do I feel like “The Little Red Hen“?


Today #197

I was more outvolved in today than involved.



If you don’t like “mumbo jumbo”,

… then you’re definitely not going to like “jumbo mumbo”!


note: speaking in tongues would be cool … I could light cigarettes off of my head!

double note: I’d rather be an “over underachiever” than an “under overachiever“.

triple note: what the heck is a “chiever” anyway? If it was a good thing, then it would be in the cherry pit rhyme: “tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief, and chiever


Today # 9

Today was like pulling teeth … someone else’s teeth that I don’t like.
(a person I don’t like … I don’t know their teeth well enough to form an opinion either way)

Dog Stickers

What! No Snoopy!


I haven’t seen too many cat breed stickers on cars: just dog ones.

I guess cat lovers don’t really love them as much as dog lovers love them.

You can take this either way: I’m open for interpretation today.


note: a lot of cats would kind of look the same on those featureless stickers anyway.

“Is that a Russian Blue, a Chartreux, or a Balinese on that car’s *bumper?
It’s definitely not a Scottish Fold.”

*back bumper …just clarifying … interpretation is closed for today.

double note: the guy driving that truck doesn’t really like dogs that much … he bought it second hand.

triple note: I want some pig stickers!



Still Too Much Time

My Failed Restaurant

 Blood Donor Kebabs.




 The original cutting edge technology.




I just love the way that word rolls off my tongue.



Growing Old

I can’t wait to be old: then I would have an excuse for being such a crap driver.



Kraft Dinner

Off of the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner box:

That’s why more kids and moms love “the one in the Blue Box.”
Right down to the bottom of the bowl.
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese.

Forget kids and moms, I love it too!



Cats and Tongues

“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue.”

Who thought that one up?
Were cats once notorious tongue thieves?

I’m going to have nighmares now!!




There should be a food product call “hangover”.

-I’d like a hangover please.
-Snickers are good, but hangovers are better!
-Can you get me a hangover from the store?
-I had 3 hangovers yesterday




Big Macs

If you put a Big Mac in a blender and drank it, would it taste the same?



Crime Drama

Why are there so many Crime Dramas on TV?
I think there should be one titled, “The Proof is in the Pudding”.

At every crime scene, the lead character could say,
“We better check the pudding to solve this one.”

Pudding is good too!



2 Questions You Don’t Want to Hear

How long can a car drive in first gear with the gas pedal to the floor before it blows up?

Can I borrow your car?




I thought my clock was broken: the second hand didn’t move for a second.



Bubble Wrap Factory

I bet people are pretty stress free working in a bubble wrap factory.

When the heat comes down, just start popping those bubbles.

I bet there aren’t too many accidents either!



Alarm Clocks

The sound coming from the clock was alarming!!!




It’s just a hunch, but I think you should see a chiropractor!