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Characters have to have character:

… or they are just left on the drawing board.


note: what makes Miffy, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, Bart Simpson and Mickey Mouse so special?

double note: Does Mr. Gucci only wear Gucci? Does Mr. Armani only wear Armani? Does Mr. Levi only wear Levi’s? Does Mr. Loom only wear Fruit of the Loom?
Planetross wears Planetross stuff, but only because it’s not cool. I’m sure if it ever caught on, I’d never wear that trendsetter stuff … unless I could get a lucrative endorsement.

triple note: I spend more time telling people that the teeth are pickles. For some reason, people think they are caterpillars: dill pickles aren’t very popular over here to be fair.


Today #228

Today none of my students wanted any of my imaginary ketchup sandwiches.

Battling Caterpillars


Last year I had a caterpillar invasion in my front yard bushes.
Big caterpillars: the size of my fingers!

I took my neighbour’s advice: pull them off with chopsticks and step on them.

After a hard week of plucking and squishing caterpillars, I had eliminated about 500 of the big buggers.
Caterpillar guts and carcasses littered the ground.
It was a real mess.

I left a few alive, so hopefully I can do it again this year.