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Out With The Older, In With The Newer



Goodbye 20 year old old van.
Hello 10 year old new van.

Hello power steering, airbags, CD player, automatic windows, automatic door locks, and much improved gas mileage.

I can’t wait to see what incredible improvements are in  the brand new vans!
I’ll find out in another 10 years, I guess.

… maybe they can fly!!!


note:the best things in life are free” … like my old van.
I hope the new one will be “the second best things in life” … even though
there’s only one of it … I’m hoping it’s at least twice as good!


what I’m listening to now #52: Crowded HouseWeather With You“.

The Unbearable Traffic Lightness Of Being


This car is almost “cool”.


note: I think my van is called “Rus Bucke” … a few letters may have fallen off.


Today #311

Today was all aspirin and eye drops.

Animal Tracks … Or Prints … Or Something Like That


In a perfect world,

 animals would probably use “fashion designer” patterns when they created clothing.


note: it’s my natural selection … selection

double note: baboon print jeans never really caught on.

triple note:It’s real Armani … can’t you tell by the genuine cracked Italian leatherface surface on this bag?


Today #136

Today as I sat in an outdoor onsen, I saw a Japanese serow wandering off into the woods.
… I’ve seen them before, but not while naked sitting in a hotspring bath.
I may start something called “Naked Animal Spotting Animals“! … or NASA for short .

Planes And Boats And Trains



Singers sing about cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, rockets, planes, helicopters, trains, buses, subways, balloons, bicycles, unicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, horses, and even Segways (Weird Al Yankovic)

… but no one ever sings about stilts.

Songwriters can’t be blamed for this oversight really:

the best rhyme that goes with “stilts” is “kilts”

… and stilts and kilts don’t really work too well together in my experience.



note: photo taken by Kelly Pettit … while we were being shopping mauled the other day.

double note: when I saw this photo it made me realize why I usually drive on the inside of my van.


Today #95

I’m washing my stinky slippers today.
The ones I don’t wear at all never stink!
It’s a mystery!




Is it just me or are anime characters getting sexier looking?

oh! okay.



note: in response to omawarisan over at Blurt who has a photo of a truck with testicles  on it. I’d call this a rebuttal, but I didn’t take a picture of the otherside car with that on it.


notes to myself #181

It takes us about 30 years before we actually know what the real lyrics to AC/DC‘s “Back in Black” are. They mention a Cadillac!

The Saga Ends


note: it must be tough being typecast.

double note: at least he’s not bothering us on infomercials.

triple note: R2 Detour.


notes to yourself #87

You don’t go to Jedi College when you get older … but you’re good at using The Force when opening pickle jars and stuff.

Cars … Kind Of.

this things makes me laugh everytime I drive by it.


If this thing hit me while I was walking across the street,

… I’d be mildly upset and may backhand it into the curb … or eat one of its tires … if I was hungry.


note: what makes a car a car?

double note: as I opened my refrigerator door I realized that I must have been very drunk driving home last night.

triple note:Sorry,  no room for a family.


notes to myself #40

Up until 44 you only own 4 different vehicles. The first one is the newest … so you better enjoy it.

Bedrock Bottom Shtick

with 10 feet it goes fast!


As I shifted from one foot to the other I thought …

“maybe buying a Flintstone Mobile wasn’t the best idea”.


note: standard drives are shifty.

double note: sure I have a carpet in my van … it’s an air freshner called Stinky!

triple note: fishsticks to the roof of my mouth.


notes to myself #15

Mom usually knows when you’ve done something bad, but she really doesn’t want to know exactly what it is … unless formal charges are laid.

Cars In Japan

Euro-Japo Googoo Mobiles


Cars in Japan are seriously getting smaller.


note: the women are getting taller and thinner too!



Wishful Thinking #6

 I'm going to fly like an eagle oneday!


 The rain will wash your car for you.


single scoop: an amazingly fine shower of wax might follow the rain too!

double scoop: Hey Mr. Fly! Are you going for a world record or something!

triple scoop: If you’ve missed the last 5, they are still here and here and here and here and here .