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big sticks and walking softly


I’m glad I’m not a stick

… because I don’t think sticks can drink chocolate milk.


note: if I was a pizza, I’d be a cannibal.

double note: How big does a stick have to be before it becomes a log?





What are you worth as hamburger or steak?


As hamburger: at 98 cents per 100 grams about $852.60 U.S.

As steak: at $2.48 per 100 grams about $2,157.60 U.S.

I’ll stick to grinding the numbers for now.

note: maybe someone can make a widget for blogs about this! That would be useless too!

double note: I think using the pound as currency would have been more appropriate.

triple note: I know there are bones and other stuff worth less, but some parts are worth more. It probably evens out. I was just looking for a medium figure here.

quadruple note: who ya calling chicken?

quintuple note: Hey! That tickles!




Do you know where the word “cannibal” comes from?

I always thought it was an abbreviation of “Can I nibble on you?”.

But actually it comes from the Arawakan name of the man-eating Caribs of Cuba and Haiti: first recorded by Christopher Columbus.  (not the 1st and 2nd Harry Potter movie director)

I bet cannibals are pretty disappointed with Hollandaise sauce.

note: Do cannibals fight over the pope’s nose at Christmas?

pope’s nose: tail end of a cooked bird. The fatty piece of flesh at the rear end of a cooked chicken, turkey, or other bird, to which the tail feathers were attached.  (just in case you didn’t know)