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My calendar at work this year has pictures of Japanese mountains: one for each month. I recognize Mt. Fuji, the Japanese Alps, Mt. Tanigawa  , and the mountain surrounded marshlands of Oze .
(the last 2 are about 30 minutes away from where I live)

The other 8 mountains look scenic and impressive, but I have no idea where they are.

I’m kind of disappointed.

I was hoping Mt. Splash, Mt. Big Thunder, and Mt. Space were going to be on it.



note: I’ve Googled the mountains of West Virginia and there is no Mt. Mama! … John Denver is full of crap! … I kind of liked him in Gilligan’s Island though.

double note: if it wasn’t for Mt. Kilimanjaro, I’d think Africa was flat.

triple note: if it wasn’t for Heidi and “The Sound of Music“, I wouldn’t know anything about Switzerland at all … except for that Nazi gold, cheese, chocolate, cuckoo clocks, neutrality, army knives, and that Disneyland ride they invented.

quadruple note: the photo has nothing to do with mountains. I just thought those that saw the little red car before would like to be updated on what the owner has been acquiring.


Today #128

Today I said the word “dink” for the first time in about 20 years. It still sounds funny!

Two Zero One One: That’s My PIN Number!!!!


Why is it always a clock that counts down the time on New Year’s Eve?

A calendar would be more appropriate.

… not very exciting, but appropriate.



note: I know it isn’t Chinese New Year yet, but I need a new calendar in a couple of days!

double note: I’m still waiting for “The Year of the Cat” … that Al Stewart is a liar!

triple note: I can just hear all those billion Chinese saying, “What, no animals or nothing? Those people are pagans … and have no firecrackers or anything!!!

quadruple note: I watched that dummy for a while, but it didn’t do anything with the bricks and the pipe. I even kicked it a few times with expectations … but nothing. (sad face)


Today #103

I hope everyone had a great big Happy New Year … where ever you are … or where ever you have been … or where ever you are going!
I hoped for these things today and yesterday and when everything went 00:00 over here a few days ago, but I thought no one would be wishing these things for you on January 2nd … because they were spent … so I thought I’d do the honours … and I’m always thinking … about being considerate. hee hee!

Another Page Off The Calendar


I love ripping the pages off calendars: I get to start with a nice fresh month.

The calendar I have is too heavy for the blue tack I use to hold it up: it keeps falling down.

I’m too lazy to pull out some more blue tack to attach the calendar more firmly.

I’d use pushpins or a big nail to hold it up, but I live in a rental house and don’t want to put too many holes in the walls and doors.

If the calendar doesn’t stay up in December, I think I may have to get a new one.


note: sorry for not responding to your comments over the last couple of days. I’ve been a little busy. So here is a “sorry frog” for all of you:

sorry frog


double note: Pomeroy is back!!!

triple note: I don’t know why my calendar still falls, it’s almost winter.

quadruple note: if you don’t know what blue tack is: it’s like gum or silly putty, but you can’t eat it.



Magical Points



When I go somewhere, after passing some magical point I consider myself at my destination.

I still might be 5 minutes or 5 hours away, but once I turn on to a certain road or pass a special landmark I mentally have completed the journey.

I think most people do this. I could be wrong; I usually am.

I do this with time too: looking forward to future events or waiting for the end of things.

Crossing days off the calendar like there is an endless supply of calendars and days to look forward to.

I wish weeks had a few more days, preferably Saturdays and Sundays; months had a few more weeks; and years had a few more months in them.

I’m not sure if I would use the extra time more wisely, but the calendars would look really cool!

note: I’m glad I don’t think this way about everything or sports, sex, and eating would be a big disappointment.



There are a lot of crappy calendars.

– no room to write memos
– no holidays signified
– doesn’t show the phases of the moon

I like to know when the fullmoon is going to be, so I know when people
are going to go nuts!

– 2 months or more are on one sheet
I like flipping the pages every month and starting with a clean month.

Advent calendars are okay.
I’m not big on advent, but I like the chocolates

This year I have a city calendar showing all the elementary and jr. high schools in the area.
I think there are only 11 schools really!
No one seems to know the one for July.

Maybe it’s summer school!

I guess I could make my own calendar.
It wouldn’t be that difficult.
I could even put chocolates in it!