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Please Share My Umbrella


Technically, anywhere a bus stops … is a “bus stop”.


note: if I’m on a moving bus, I consider it  a “bus go“. I don’t need a sign to tell me.

double note: my favourite bus is either the Charlestown Chiefs‘ bus in Slapshot or The Partridge Family one. Do you have a favourite bus? … everyone should.


Today #281

Tomorrow is Gunma Day in this prefecture: it’s a holiday for students and some working people. I asked a 7 year old what tomorrow was: he said it was Gunma’s Birthday. I asked how old Gunma was: he thought about it for a while and answered, “2011 years old, but maybe that’s the whole world.

Planes And Boats And Trains



Singers sing about cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, boats, rockets, planes, helicopters, trains, buses, subways, balloons, bicycles, unicycles, skateboards, rollerskates, horses, and even Segways (Weird Al Yankovic)

… but no one ever sings about stilts.

Songwriters can’t be blamed for this oversight really:

the best rhyme that goes with “stilts” is “kilts”

… and stilts and kilts don’t really work too well together in my experience.



note: photo taken by Kelly Pettit … while we were being shopping mauled the other day.

double note: when I saw this photo it made me realize why I usually drive on the inside of my van.


Today #95

I’m washing my stinky slippers today.
The ones I don’t wear at all never stink!
It’s a mystery!


Brazilian Bus Drivers and Belts


In Brazil buses have a buzzer that warns the driver that he is over the speed limit.

Some drivers drive below the speed limit.

Some speed and ignore the buzzer; eventually it just becomes background noise.

Some hover around the buzzer threshold: buzzer rings, stops, rings, stops,…
These drivers are the most annoying, as you are constantly expecting and waiting for the buzzer to go off again; or you are dozing off and the buzzer startles you back to full consciousness.

My belt is like those Brazilian bus drivers.

In summer I’m a 3rd holer: under or on my ideal weight.
In winter I’m a 2nd holer: over my ideal weight, but it’s a daily thing to be expected.
But at the moment I’m hovering between the 2nd and 3rd hole.

It’s annoying: somedays I use the 2nd hole and other days I use the 3rd.

At least there isn’t a buzzer on my belt.