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Please Share My Umbrella


Technically, anywhere a bus stops … is a “bus stop”.


note: if I’m on a moving bus, I consider it  a “bus go“. I don’t need a sign to tell me.

double note: my favourite bus is either the Charlestown Chiefs‘ bus in Slapshot or The Partridge Family one. Do you have a favourite bus? … everyone should.


Today #281

Tomorrow is Gunma Day in this prefecture: it’s a holiday for students and some working people. I asked a 7 year old what tomorrow was: he said it was Gunma’s Birthday. I asked how old Gunma was: he thought about it for a while and answered, “2011 years old, but maybe that’s the whole world.

Drabs And Dribs

musical chairs singing the blues


Are there "seeing eye people" for blind dogs?


I was happy, but now I realize it because you've made me unhappy.


the police had to wait a whole year to get 6 murderers on their poster


Istatyou Walter?


Istatyou Martha?


I thought this was a cult, but it's only a fascist political party


it's a sake keg ... or maybe a sakeg


Don't Play With Matches! ... Lighters are more cool!


it might look weird, but it tastes very very good!



note: just a reminder to put the cursor over the pictures for more insight … or less outsight … or something like that.

double note: squid really does taste twice as good on a stick … unless you’re a squid or something.

triple note: I feel lighter now that I have deposited these stray photos somewhere.
… I guess I should read the mamera canual and find out how to phelete dotos.