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Mosaic art probably goes unnoticed by an insect … unless it’s moving.


note: a mosquito and a leech are a pairasite.

double note: I hate being insected at work.


Today #225

I asked myself today, “What does water dissolve in?” … and then nothing much else got done.



While sitting in the outdoor hotspring pool during a lightning storm, I was mesmerized by all the bugs flying into the nearby electric bug zapper.

I felt sorry for the bugs for being so stupid

… and for not being able to wear a metal hat like mine.


note: sometimes being “well grounded” doesn’t really mean being “well grounded“.

double note: a lecture on the dangers of lightning would probably just go in one ear and out the other … or through my skull and out the soles of my feet.


If I Die Wearing An ipod #2

If I die wearing an ipod, I hope I don’t fall into water … because those things aren’t waterproof.