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Mental Patience


Mental Telepathy Checklist

1. Bend Spoon with Mind … or head.   check!

2. See Ghost … total chick flick.   check!

3. Read People’s Thoughts … about what a jerk I am for farting. … check!

4. Mind Control/Brainwashing … daily with strong shampoo.   check!

5. ESP … N.   check!

6. Reading Cards without seeing them … December … mmm Christmas card: January … mmm Birthday card.: February … mmm Valentine’s Day card.   check!


note: thank you to Mr. Pettit for taking time out of his busy day to take photos of me with spoons on my eyes.

double note: no spoons were harmed during this post … and were washed more thoroughly than the ones I put in my mouth … or my mouth.


what I’m listening to now #20: the Reg Dunlop Slapshot pep talk speech.



 What’s with males and the color pink?

By the time most boys are 5 years old the color pink has been hardwired into their heads as being a girls’ color. 

For boys …

no pink bicycles; no pink clothing; no pink toys.

A fluffy bunny doll is okay, but not a pink fluffy bunny doll.

Boys aren’t even offered the option of pink for most things … and if they are, their parents would probably direct them away from that option.

It’s societal brainwashing … about a color.

When did this start? and why?

I’m not an advocate for boys wearing pink: I’m as brainwashed as the next guy.

I’m just wondering.


note: yellow and polka dots are questionable too!

double note: the only pink t-shirt I’d wear is a Pink Floyd one … or this.

triple note: I unconsciously consider all Flamingos female … and I don’t know why!

quadruple note: a pink pig doll is okay for boys … there isn’t much you can do with a pig sometimes.

quintuple note: bubble gum, pink elephant popcorn, and cotton candy are exceptions for some reason. I guess the brainwashing doesn’t include food … or near food products.


notes to myself #127

When you finally buy a suit, the salesman sells you a light rose colored shirt to go with it: it’s pink.
It’s not so bad really.