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Fueling Around


Fossil fuels going bone dry?

… sounds like a renewable resource to me!

… or a viscous circle.


note: in 650 million years I’m sure whatever I’ve become will be very
expensive at a gas station.

double note: if I lived for 650 millions years I might win the lottery!
… hopefully not on the last day.


Things I’ve Seen With My Own Two Eyes #3:

peripheral visions straight ahead.

What’s Bred In The Bone

a marrow escape


I finally figured out why I haven’t been lucky lately.

I’ve been buying “wishboneless” chicken!


note: it still tastes great; no bones about it!

double note: I bet chickens wished they didn’t have wishbones … and were extremely dangerous and tasted bad and stuff.

triple note: rubber chickens make me gag!

quadruple note: rubber chickens only have funny bones.