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Bolivian Surf Club

It’s really difficult to travel coast to coast in Bolivia.


note: lots of blankets; maybe bingo; no beach.

double note: Surfing in Bolivia? I’ll Paz on that one.

triple note: maybe Paraguay will be better.

quadruple note: La Paz means “peace“: Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Chile, and Argentina all have a little “piece” of Bolivia.


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What should you take salt with?

A grain of salt?

Seems like a vicious circle.


note: a person who drinks salt water is dilutional.  

double note: photo taken at the Salt Hotel (made entirely of salt: beds too!) in the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

triple note: I didn’t actually lick the wall.



The Rocket Car

My friend calls his car “Rocket” … because things fall off of it in stages.


note: my friend is a rock behind the wheel …  an erratic rock.

double note: photo taken in the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. It’s probably not an erratic rock, but any rock covered in moss and looking like a brain is pretty strange at least.





When I was in La Paz, Bolivia I shared a room with a Dutch guy for a few days.
One day he came back from wandering the city and said that he had walked by a whole area filled with brothels and sex shops.

The next day he showed me the area.

They were all unisex hair salons.

We were both disappointed.