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School letter grades and bra sizing are based on the same principle:

the bigger the boob, the further down the alphabet you go.


note: I think blood types might work in reverse, but that’s just me  with my O blood.


Today #123

Today I realized that I eat meals by myself 99% of time:
… 1% of the time someone has to help me.

Blood Types

In Japan your blood type is supposedly connected to what type of person you are.

A – methodical,  B – selfish,  O – big heart,  AB – mysterious.

I don’t think anyone takes it too seriously, but almost everyone knows their blood type.

I’ve worked with a few foreigners who didn’t know what blood type they were.

Japanese people find this hard to believe.

It’s like not knowing your birthday, where you live, what hand you use to write with, or if you are a human.

Me?  My blood type is O.

I’ve given blood about 30 times.

I go for the cookies and juice you get afterwards.

There must be a few people out there walking around with some of my blood.

My blood brothers and sisters.

You’re welcome. Maybe someday you can return the favor.

I know there is one guy with my blood on his knuckles.

You’re not welcome. Maybe someday I can return the favor.


note: If I gave 5 pints of blood during one visit, would they give me a whole bag of cookies?