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A Digression On Digestion

the stuff that dreams are made of


Sometimes when I eat or drink something new I have vivid dreams.
If I haven’t had something for 10 years or so, I get the same reaction.

There must be some vitateins or protamins that attach their tentacles to the receptacles in my brain.

There are no synaptic gaps in my dreams; I remember them all.

Past food items with this affect have been: black licorice, pickled seaweed, and bamboo shoots.

These things really took me to a different state of unconsciousness.


note: the photo is of toasted Cheez Whiz and tomato sandwiches. When I eat them I only dream about eating more of them! Yum!

double note: drinking coffee doesn’t make me dream at all … I just wish that I could sleep.

triple note: I’m sure if I ate a blue turtle I’d have amazing dreams!