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I could be wrong,
But I’m pretty sure:
Snowmen are classified using a
Binomial Snomenclature.


note: Snomo Sapien?

double note:Can you tell me about plants and animals?
                               ” Sorry, that information is classified.


Today #114

Today I only had time to make a snowbaby.
Hey! I was pretty busy!

Classified Information


I’m glad humans don’t have wings

… because I really like being a mammal.


note: if I did have wings … I’d want cool ostrich ones.

double note: the talk about me being a genus is a specious argument … or me being a genius is a species argument … or me being … is probably small talk … or an argument … or something.

triple note: when it comes to stocks I follow Linnaeus’s advice: Buy No Mial … No Men Clature.

quadruple note: everything has been classified … except stuff that we don’t know about yet.

quintuple note: I was using the Royal “we” or the one that means everyone in the last note.

sextuple note: do monarchs have royal wees and then royal flushes?

septuple note : monarch butterflies … they’ve never been deposed … or had their heads cut off. What gives? … they must be benevolent dictators.


notes to myself #98

You know that globe bank in the top drawer of your parents’ dresser that is full of quarters and dimes that are all yours? … they stop putting money in there eventually.