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Bees give me hives

… or at least leave them in places where I can steal them.


note: why are they called “catacombs” … and not “catatombs“?

double note: I’ll think of the above things as “bees” … as long as they don’t sting me. If they sting me, then they will be a bunch of dead “wases”.

triple note: “Today, Adee Honey Farm in South Dakota, USA, (80,000 colonies) and Scandia Honey Company in Alberta, Canada (12,000 colonies) are among the world’s largest beekeeping enterprises.”
from Wikipedia

quadruple note: I  always thought “apiarists” were people who liked appetizers. 

quintuple note: I seem to be going through an insect stage lately on the blog. I think egg, larva, and pupa stages are over: I should be an adult pretty soon.


Today #232

Today I thought “glow in the dark lightbulbs” would be a good idea during a power outage … but not so good on a regular night, while I’m trying to sleep.