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Things With Heads


The only things I eat with a head on it are crabs, lettuce, and beer.


note: I think this tuna outside the restaurant means they are out of tuna.
I could be wrong; I usually am.

double note: coin tosses are kind of weird. Have you ever seen a coin with a tail on it?


Today # 142

Today I watched a video of a grizzly bear fighting 4 wolves over a carcass: the wolves won out. Imagine if people could work together like those wolves: what a great day that would be.

note: I mention that it is a “grizzly bear” so it’s not confused with a “grizzly chicken”, “grizzly hamster”, or a “grizzly fish”.



I don’t have a wealth of knowledge:

I’m paycheck to paycheck.


note: the last illegal thing I did was move the horsey 3 squares up and 2 over in chess, but I think the statute of limitations is up on that one.


Today #29

Today I’m going to putter around … I may carry a putter around with me, so people know what I’m doing.

Arms And Legs

a blue bird


People are very attached to arms and legs, but what if their names were switched.

Would there be …

Kids playing with Armo

Arm warmers and armings

Governments passing Armislation

Peg Arms

A movement to armalize marijuana

People in court alarming stuff

Alarmories in stories

Armhold traps

A French Foreign Armion

An “ABW” in cricket

Armolas in “The Lord of the Rings”

3 armed races

A “Pledge of Alarmiance” in the U.S.

The term alarmro in music

A  ZZ Top song called “Arms”
she’s got arms
and she knows how to use them

… or a Rod Stewart one named “Hot Arms”

“Open Legs” by Journey or “Brothers in Legs” from Dire Straits

A blegaid pouring my beer

Legged guards for legored vehicles

Legani suits


Neil Legstrong or Lance Legstrong

Fire Allegs

Flegers growing stuff

Legies and Legistices

Plegesan cheese or Plegigiano Reggiano for people who know more about cheese than me … or I … or myself


One Legged Bandits

a Spanish Legada


Swlegs of bees


A cult following for “Legy of Darkness”?


note: I guess arm and leg wrestling would still be similar … and possibly 4 arms on a legchair would be quite normal.

Leg bands and Arm bands would mess a lot of people and birds up though.

double note: if you don’t like this entry, you will definitely not like Salt And Pepper … and may be mildly antagonistic towards It’s Tuesday I’m In Love.




Their anger fermented at lower temperatures.


note: the opposite of “confrontational” should be “prorearational“:
non-confrontrational is just confusing or maybe even proseparating.

double note: if he was a pie, he’d be in your face.



When I’m Not Blogging, I Possibly Visited … (Part 3)

Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture

For most Japanese the first thing mentioned about a trip to Hiroshima is ….


Japanese pancake/pizza/serious wodge/gut filler/yummy!

 wacky for okonomiyaki!!!!!

 Cooked on a grill and eaten with a metal spatula, okonomiyaki is pure comfort food.

calorie note:wodge” as defined by planetross: a pasta, potato and lard sandwich.

The next things Japanese people think about Hiroshima are: the Hiroshima Carp baseball team, Momiji Manju snacks, the Miyajima shrine, possibly a tv drama that was shot in Hiroshima … and then just before they have to take off their socks and shoes and start counting out things on their toes, they say “Gen-baku Dome”  Peace Memorial and the A-Bomb Museum.

 A-bomb Museum

 It’s something from the history books … and most people come and expect to be solemn and miserable, but it’s hard to do in a vibrant city like Hiroshima.

origami cranes

There are many paper origami cranes on display as a memorial to Sadako Sasaki in the park outside the museum.


A-bomb dome

At the far end of the Peace Park there is the A-bomb dome or Gen-baku dome as it’s called in Japan. One of the few building to not be completely obliterated near ground zero on August 6th, 1945.

A-bomb dome before it was the A-bomb dome

Here is the dome in better times.


Peace Park Hiroshima

There is a “peace flame” and memorial in this large park. The museum is behind anyone who takes this photo.

It’s only about 50 cents U.S. to go in to the museum. It’s interesting, informative, sad, horrible, depressing, and a great reminder  that life is very fragile.

 …  whether young or old; innocent or guilty, life is very precious and needs to be enjoyed every moment.

inside the museum

I’ve visited the museum a few times, but this stopped watch and these words say it all.



After being bummed out in the morning, I was back to being stupid and off to Itsukushima Island and the Miyajima Shrine. A tram and a ferry ride brought me there.

Dead Ender

I can’t resist a “dead end” sign.


Arriving at low tide kind of sucked for taking pictures. I was very concerned about taking a photo of the bulldozer while the floating torii gate was in the background, but it was not to be.

There was someone under the shrine digging out excess sand and shooting it out to the bulldozer driver who unloaded it and then scooped, scraped and relocated it to another area. I imagine the guy under the shrine must have been a college student.

nice hat!

Then I was concerned about taking a stupid photo of the floating torii gate on my head.

faking vandalism evidence

Then I pretended vandalism.


Then there were monkeys. It can’t get any better than monkeys!!! … can it???

I want this t-shirt!

Then I wished I had this on a t-shirt.

another photo op

Then there was a photo opportunity.    Hey! I call them as I see them!

I want this sticker on my van!

Then I wanted this sign as a bumpersticker on my van.

Miyajima Floating Torii Gate taking a break from floating


Then the tide was really out at the shrine and I touched it  … and everything.


After that it was back on the ferry and tram, a big okonomiyaki feed and a few beer … and then off to the next destinaton.


note: I may just put on a silly short stupid entry tomorrow … as obviously I don’t have essence … because time is of that stuff … and I don’t have much of that possibly … tomorrow.



What’s In My Fridge?


Nothing special in my fridge: just beer and aliens.


note: another great idea from Pat Coakley at Single for a Reason.

double note: the aliens don’t drink my beer, but I seem to be buying a lot of mayonnaise.



When Beer Goes Bad!

A very sad sad day today.

I knew it had to be done, but have kept putting it off. I had 100 cans of beer in a beer fridge; leftovers from a BBQ last summer. Since then I’ve pawned them off on guests, taken random 6 packs to people’s houses, and had a few myself; but I guess I don’t drink a lot of beer in the winter.

Long story short, the remaining 40 expired. I tried to salvage them, but they tasted skunky. Not even college students would drink them.

Goodbye brave 40. You never achieved your purpose in life, but you were always ready.

May you find peace in knowing your bodies will live on in other aluminium products and your fluids replenish the thirsty earth.


New Topics




 A question not asked by a 20 year old:

How long will beer last before it goes bad?

I just had a discussion with a friend about this.
I’m starting to think I am getting older.

New topics are popping up in our conversations.

And I don’t think I like it.