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Health Conscious


I’ve always thought that I don’t eat enough vegetables, but I’ve been mistaken.

It seems that I have overlooked all the beans I consume almost everyday: coffee beans, jelly beans, and cocoa beans (in the form of chocolate).

Who has beans? I have beans!

I’m a  “has bean” kind of guy!

note: “I’ve bean to paradise, but I’ve never bean to me.”  from some sappy song by some sappy singer in the 70’s.

double note: those beanie babies must be in university by now.


Kidney Stones


If kidney stones are the result of not using your kidneys enough, can this happen in other parts of your body as well?

Because a lot of people have rocks in their heads.







note: kidney stones are usually not related to not using your kidneys enough. It’s just a long held misconception of mine.

double note: If “kidney” beans are good for the kidneys; then I’m loading up on “pork n'” beans.

triple note: stay away from those gall beans.

quadruple note: Mr. Bean is full of … you know.