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Biology And Clocks And Other Logical Stuff

Big Ben


I think my biological clock is solar powered … and needs new batteries.


note: My biological watch is running a bit slow too!

double note: Do you know a good biological clock repair person you could recommend?

triple note: actually I don’t have a biological clock … or watch; I threw out all that Biology stuff after High School.

quadruple note: Hey! Supertramp misses number 4 in that song!



Battery Operated Toys



Do you remember your first battery operated toy?

Mine was a Billy Blastoff.

That’s when I knew for sure my parents loved me and were never going to let me run away and be raised by wolves like I threatened occasionally.

How could they give me something so amazing? Just give it to me; and it was mine!
Not my sister’s; although she had a Lite-Brite and seemed to be enjoying makin’ things with light. She was outtasite most of the time doing that, so my Billy Blastoff was safe.

It was all too incredible and the best part was it needed batteries.

If batteries hadn’t been invented yet, I would have been seriously crushed.

Batteries: small chunks of love! Almost better than chocolate!

note: Don’t stick that 9 volt on your tongue. Too late!

double note: I had the whole spacekit and never lost any of the pieces for Billy Blastoff or nothing! That TV was awesome!!!

triple note: Why do we have to grow out of toys, give them a way, and then want to grow back in to them again?