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Some Fortune Telling Clown


The fortune teller foretold no fortune in my future
… unfortunately.


note: I go to bank tellers more often than fortune tellers … although with ATMs, I don’t go to either very much anymore.

double note: I’m not sure what day job this guy didn’t quit.

triple note: “Actually it started out as a pimple on my ass.
(I never get tired of that joke.)

quadruple note: the fortune had no fortune in it! … is that possible?


Today #189

Today felt like I had a monkey on my head … or back … or somewhere in those vicinities.

The Last Kid



note: no notes accepted … only coins.

double note: coin slots, sofas, and drains … are like ATMs for children.

triple note: why isn’t it called “plastic bottled water“?

quadruple note: I put pennies in coin return slots … just to mess with kids’ heads.


notes to myself #123

You may think that people who leave money in coin return slots are careless, but hey!  people’s fingers get really big and those slots are pretty small … and low to the ground!





When I tell people I ate a lot of “Fast Food” in South America, they usually say:

“With all that cheap delicious food everywhere, you chose to eat burgers?”

I didn’t want to

but …

it was usually the only place I could break the big bills dispensed by ATMs.

note: ATM in Spanish and Portuguese must mean “change AT McDonald’s”.