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Skyline View


This Sky Writer had to have been lefthanded.


note: I waited around to see what the message was going to be, but it was just another skinny cloud prank, I guess.

double note: vapor trails always make me think about the Alan Parsons Project‘s “I in the Sky“.


Today #299

Today I got a cool haircut … it’s a lot cooler at the back and on top now.



When the plane lost both engines, all the passengers and crew put on parachutes and escaped unharmed.

It was miraculous that there were just enough parachutes for everyone.

You should have been there.


note: my computer is dying. I may not be up and running again for a few days.


Today #51

Today seemed longer than usual, but the regular width for some reason.

Wishful Thinking #3


The person sitting next to you on the airplane will be amazingly sexy and seriously attracted to you.


single scoop: I’d be happy if they offered me their dessert.

double scoop: Hey Mr. Fly! There is some very delicious plastic spaghetti over to your left too!

triple scoop: the idea for this one goes to Kelly Pettit.

quadruple scoop: If you’ve missed the last 2, they are still here and here.





Is the “air” in “airplane” really necessary?

All planes fly in the air.

Where else are they going to fly: in the sea?


note: If airplanes have wings, do seaplanes have fins?