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Do you know that poster … ?Mr. Pettit  asked.

Yes” I replied without hesitation, knowing what he was talking about without any more information required.

Why don’t you … ?

I will.

We are mind readers sometimes … or no-mind readers … or something like that.


note: if you hang out with someone long enough, there’s not too much noose you haven’t heard before.

double note: no noose is good noose.


Today #332

Today while sitting in an outdoor hotspring bath, I was hoping the big pile of snow on the roof, that was hanging way over the edge, would slide off while I was there.
… and you know what? … it did!




Does having a famous person promote a product really work?

If companies continue to pay celebrities gobs of money for endorsements, it must somehow positively affect sales.

I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything because someone famous was in the advertisement.

There must be a lot of people not like me out there.


note: balancing 4 tires seems like a lot of unnecessary work; why can’t they just balance the vehicle?

double note: Leonardo DiCaprio must be amazingly small … or I got screwed on the tires I bought!

triple note: I have nothing against Leonardo DiCaprio. He seems like an okay type of Joe … and donates some of the gobs of money he makes from endorsements like this to charity.

quadruple note: I don’t have gobs of money … I just have gob.


notes to myself #196

Someday we are going to shave our head totally bald just to see how many scars, divets, and fissures are actually on our skull … but not today.

Snow Angles

Ski resorts need an angle … or an angel, if they’re not good at catching typos.

I found myself perusing the ski brochures at the local 7-11 because I couldn’t get to the library.

The ski resorts in the brochures above seem to be sending the message that they are for serious skiers and snowboarders.


These places are going for the cutesy character/mascot family crowd.
Who wouldn’t want to ski at a place that has cartoon bears, snowpeople, or rabbits on their pamphlets?
If Miffy skis there, it must be awesome!

I’m not sure why this place chose eggs; maybe their brochure artist was pretty limited in the drawing department.

I guess eggs can go in the men’s and ladies’  hotspring baths … because they will never be born and find out if they are male or female.

This place is into the subliminal advertising angle. I wrote about this last year.

All these ski resorts must have done some research and hired expensive advertising companies to come up with something mildly different … or not so beaten to death.

but … what were these people thinking?


Maybe it’s just me, but that is kind of freaky.


note: I don’t want to be a snow bunny … I want to be a snow leopard!

double note: posting may get a bit more sporadic from here on in … until over out there somewhere in January.
… I’ll keep you posted … or maybe not posted so much.


notes to myself # 82

You don’t really suffer from acne during the teen years … but when you do get the odd pimple it always seems to be on the tip of your nose.

In a Jiffy

definition: short period of time. (origin unknown, circa 18th century)

I know it’s been used before: jiffy marker, jiffy sponge, jiffy pop popcorn.


What a cool name for one of those little smart cars!

-Be there in a Jiffy!

-Save money and the environment in a Jiffy!

-Drive to work in a Jiffy!

-Be at the beach in a Jiffy!

Negative Press: He died in a Jiffy.

Bad news, but at least it was in a Jiffy! Not prolonged and drawn out.

note: possible specialized markets:

Alternative Lifestyle People: Spliffy

Women: Miffy or Tiffy

Trendsetters: Spiffy or Niffy-T

double note: rejected names – Iffy, Whiffy, and Siffy

Sports Towels

Bath Towel: big towel used to dry off after baths or showers.
Hand Towel: all purpose small towel used to dry hands and anything else in a pinch.
Paper Towel: made of paper and used to clean up stuff (disposable).
Dish Towel: used to dry dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and glasses.
Beach Towel: used at the beach and very similar to a bath towel.

Sports Towel: all purpose small towel used to dry hands and anything else in a pinch.

Wait a minute.
Isn’t that just a hand towel?

I can’t think of any sport that requires a towel.
A towel used to wipe off sweat, sure; but sports are not the sole domain of sweat.
Someone gardening, working on their car, outside on a hot day, seriously out of shape, or someone who naturally just sweats a lot uses one of those towels as often as someone involved in sporting activities.

There are already a lot of regular everday products being sold under the sports label: cars, socks, drinks, deodorant, watches,….

Now the towel?

It does sound better than hand towel though.

Let me just sit on my sports sofa in my sports slippers, have some after-sport whiskey, and think this over somemore.

Sponsored By ….


Countries should get companies to advertise on their flags.
I’d bet some countries could pay off their debts quickly and painlessly with the right sponsor.
Countries seem to take their flags a bit too seriously anyway.
It’s just a bit of cloth.

The apple symbol or Colonel Sanders would look quite nice on the Canadian flag.

South Korea’s flag already looks like the Pepsi symbol.

The U.S. flag could have 63 corporate sponsors (they have a big debt). One in each star and thirteen for the stripes. Stripe sponsors would have to pay more: stripes are bigger.

Maybe some of the richest countries don’t need sponsors, but they could change their flags anyway. I’m sure an ad executive somewhere could come up with something better than stripes, triangles, crosses, stars, circles, or moons.

Advertising is everywhere anyway, why not make it work in your favour?