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apples and spoons: 2 things that don't mix ... except the spoon.


There is no finish line to life.”


… it’s just really staggered.


note: Bugs rage against the lights and die.
… I guess that’s what Dylan Thomas was talking about in that poem.

double note: it’s all just a big “apple on a spoon race” at the end of the day: some people just have smaller apples and bigger spoons for some reason.

triple note: I could have gotten kicked out of Eden a lot faster than Adam: I like wearing shorts.

quadruple note: I’m off to Nagoya for “work”. I’ll be back on Sunday. Have a good end of week/weekend.

quintuple note: thanks for all the comments on the earlier posts. I will reply … just not now.

sextuple note: this one is kind of dark now that I look at it in the light.


notes to myself #43

I’ve got nothing to tell you: you’ll figure it out.

Another “Still More Too Much Time”

3 Things I Don’t Eat

asparagus, esophagus, sarcophagus.


Model Ships in Bottles

Big Deal! I want to see a large ship in a massive bottle. Now that would be cool!


Dust Bunnies

They breed like rabbits.


Barbers in Seville

I bet they get tired of that joke.


Self Exploratory Surgery

Don’t go there girlfriend!



Why do I have them? I didn’t eat corn.



They’re just big plastic bags.


The Great White Shark

What’s so great about it? I’ve never seen a regular white shark to compare it with.


Nudists and Adam

I bet they don’t have the “lint in the belly button” problem.



I was doing fine until the training wheels came off.


note: if you missed the first 3 in this series and you are a glutton for punishment: