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I Feel Tense


There should be a new verb tense called:
Present Past Possibly Progressive
to use when you don’t know if the action is over.

What arewere you thinking?” … “I’mwas not quite sure.

Where is your girlfriend?” … “She iswas leaving me.

… because sometimes you just can’t be too sure.


note: It was called “Present Continuous” when I went to school, but I guess that’s “Past Incontinuous” now.

double note: the photo was taken on the grounds of a little museum near to where I live. If the sun is shining, you can see a rainbow on the inside of the building. … I guess using a waterhose when the sun is shining isn’t artistic.


Today #236

Today I sweat so much at the gym I’m pretty sure I was only 40% water when I left.