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Numb … ers

I guess this isn’t a “cardinal” sin … it’s an “ordinal” one.


 1st note: I don’t even know what those “primary, secondary, and tertiary ones” are called! … I’m sure I wouldn’t do well during secondary Jeopardy on that show … which I’ve forgotten the name of at the moment.

2nd note: long division with roman numerals is all latin to me.

3rd note: mi

4th note: fa

5th note: so


Today #83

Today I walked into the “women’s” side of the onsen/hot bath by mistake. It was early, so I was the first in. I didn’t know my error until a half hour later, when I walked back inside after lounging in the outdoor pools and wondered why the old guy in the indoor bath had tits.
I thought she was in the wrong place until I checked the door, … then I quickly slapped on my underwear, crept next door with all my possessions bundled in my arms, and  suffered the stares of old men wondering why I was coming into the change room soaking wet in my underwear.

(I told the staff when I left, and they just laughed)

Gag Reflexpectations

I've kept all my Ya Yas in ... forever!!!!!


Eternal Ecstasy … is a pretty big pill to swallow.


note: eternal anything must have an after taste in it somewhere.

double note: if you are eaten by a Raptor, does that classify as rapture?

triple note: “my ex Stacy was intense … but there was no joy”

quadruple note: I don’t know anyone called Stacy, I just made that up. … but if she’s got a Mom, I bet she’s got it going on! 

quintuple  note: the thing in the photo is just across from the other thing with the long snout I put on here.