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Dance Recital Madness 2012

At the end of February for the last 5 years I’ve had the pleasure of going to not one, but two kindergarten dance festivals.

I’m invited!


I even get VIP seating at one of them … while I just lurk around at the back of the gym at the other one.


At one, I get 30 or 40 kids sitting in the crowd calling my name … and I do my famous “walking down imaginary stairs” move … and sometimes “going down an imaginary elevator” move. I haven’t pulled out “rowing in an imaginary canoe” trick yet … maybe next year.

At the other, I just lurk … and get the occasional nod  … or low flying punch of recognition from kids who see me. This year one kid crawled through my legs without me knowing until the last second.

At one, half the parents wonder who the hell I am … at the other they wonder who the hell I am.

At both, parents keep looking around for a half Japanese kind of kid on stage.

At both, the parents seem to be getting younger.

At both, the kids seem to stay about the same age.

At both, I enjoy a couple of hours of kids in costumes on stage for the first or second or third time of their lives dancing their hearts out to a biased audience … with extensive video equipment.

note: I kind of liked the dinosaurs this year.

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Today #352

Today turned out better than I thought it would: I shouldn’t doubt Sundays.

Fall Down … Winter To Go

There is a road that connects the back-of-beyond on one side of the city I live in to the back-of-beyond on the otherside of the city I live in.

I guess it’s for people who don’t like the front-of-beyond … or like narrow windy roads … or scenery.

In the Fall, when the leaves are changing colors, it’s a regular tourist attraction.

People seem to be disappointed with pine trees usually.

It’s not their season I guess.


note: no one ever mentions the trees … always the leaves. I think I know how milk feels in the cereal bowl now.

double note: my back has decided to go out on me. If I don’t post for a few days or leave comments, it’s nothing personal.
(it wasn’t that 3 Person Value Set … if that’s what you’re thinking)

triple note: I’m not looking for sympathy with that last note … I know it’s between “shit” and “syphilis” in the dictionary … like my father used to say.


Today #70

Today was a Mr. T. prediction: pain.