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Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas whoever you are and whatever you believe … or whatever you are and whoever you believe … or something like that.

All the best to you and yours … and if you see other people … all the best to him and his, her and hers, and them and theirs.

I’ve got me and mine covered.


note: I can never get tired of singing Jingle Bells Batman Smells.

double note: I’d wish everyone a Happy New Year, but I don’t have my new calendar yet … and I’m not sure exactly when it will be next year.

triple note: don’t worry about me … I’ll be knee deep in turkey, stuffing/dressing and cranberry sauce before all you in North America have even gone to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing on your heads.

quadruple note: now I have to go cry while watching “Its a Wonderful Life” for the billionth time.  It ain’t Christmas without Mr. Gower smacking George’s bad ear.

quintuple note: I’m not really going anywhere … I’m just clicking the mouse a few times and sitting right here to watch it.

sextuple note: Japanese kids think it’s funny that I always got a few mikan/mandarin/Chinese oranges in the bottom of my stocking as a kid.

septuple note: Wow is “It’s a Wonderful Life” really 63 years old? It seems like it was just 43 years old the last time. 
I may have to hunt down the ghost of Alister Sims too tonight or tomorrow. He’ll be waiting for my visit I’m sure.


notes to myself #94

Great aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even your parents are like those chocolate Cadbury Easter eggs; they are around for a limited time only. Enjoy them while they last.

The Saga Ends


note: it must be tough being typecast.

double note: at least he’s not bothering us on infomercials.

triple note: R2 Detour.


notes to yourself #87

You don’t go to Jedi College when you get older … but you’re good at using The Force when opening pickle jars and stuff.

Some Days

Geiger Counter tops are hot!


Some days I think I’m radioactive because …

it feels like I’m living a half-life.


note: a candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, so a candle that burns twice as dim must burn twice as long … but why bother?

double note: an unlit candle lasts the longest but it’s kind of useless without a match.

triple note: when I think about images of loving life and wanting to squeeze out everyday of it … I think of Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty jamming that nail into his hand in Blade Runner.


notes to myself #55

You never have a cool hair style.

Cardboard Display People

I took this photo in a hurry when no one was around.


It would almost be worth it to work at a movie theatre for the cardboard display stuff you could get for free.


note: the “cardboard cut out charity” needs your support.

double note: yes, I’ve seen “The Lonely Guy“.

triple note: planetross wants this cardboard display bad. I think after November 3rd it could be gracing my front entrance!

quadruple note: this is Nozomi Ohashi, the little girl who sings the theme song for “Ponyo“. I think everyone in Japan knows it. It’s quite catchy actually … like the flu!



notes to myself #38

Your brothers and sisters are going to call you “Walter” when you get the mumps. They will probably stop calling you that if you don’t get so mad about it.
… same goes for “Eggward“.

The Video: Really Bad Things

 Here is a little video Kelly Pettit  and I made.
It’s a mixture of the “Really Bad Things” series with a bunch of new ones thrown in too!



 note: a very very very very special “thank you” to Kelly Pettit  who did all the work on this one: director, producer, cinematographer, sound engineer, and most especially editor. I really couldn’t have done this with out his expertise in things I know nothing about.
He also carried half the pool table around with me looking silly for a few hours.
Kelly rocks!!!!

double note: I should have smiled more in this video.

triple note: Really Bad Things, More Really Bad Things, and Still More Really Bad Things are still being bad.


notes to myself #10

When you are 9 years old do not do Morris’ paper route for him. He’s not going to pay you; and him and his dad are douche b … oh! … you don’t know those words yet! … they are jerks.

Good Moody

Street Dance festival in Kanazawa city


Do you ever wake up in the morning and just know that it will be a great big enjoyable day?

No matter what happens, your mood can’t be budged, bullied, or bothered.

Today isn’t one of those days …

but I was kind of hoping.


note: At the beginning of “A Hard Day’s Night” when John Lennon laughs at Ringo and George falling down … that’s how I feel on really good days.

double note: I’ve updated a few of the experiments, added a page at the top, and started something different at the bottom of posts.

 triple note: most days I feel like George and Ringo.


notes to myself #1

In Grade 4 when you make a deal with Peter to run over the “50 yard dash” finish line together so you can both get 1st place ribbons,  don’t do it. It’s a double cross!

Sara n’ Mic (the chicken just shit on the book)

 I think the chicken just shit on the book


Sara: How are the Harry Potter books?

Mic: The main character doesn’t live up to his name, but the Potions teacher is awesome!


Mic: I think the chicken just shit on the book.

Sara: Don’t worry. There is a book cover on it.


The complete adventures of Sara n’ Mic: how did you get up there?,  why are the gnomes outside?why are we here?, what time is it?, the phone’s ringing,  who’s winning?  ,  what a great cast!what’s this game about? ,  what’s your friend’s name? and what are you doing down there?  are still collecting dust.

Looking On A Less Than Darker Side

It will kick your ass ... in a while



note:  it’s $50 to fix … and imagination is free … so I’m going with the latter.

double note: I wish my side mirror would break so I wouldn’t have to look at it though.

triple note: looking back while driving forward is like reviewing stuff from a different angle. 

quadruple note: “I’ve been there! I know what I saw!”



Transformer Men seem popular in Thailand


note: I’m going to slam on my brakes and then we will see who is laughing!

double note:  it must be nice to blow a tire and keep on driving semi– normally.

triple note: more posts to come: keep watching those skies!!

I’ll Be Bark!

I'll be bark!


The Terminator has a dog?
How unbelievable is that?

That’s just so phoney!

Everyone knows the Terminator loves cats!


note: it must be a SkyeNet Terrier

double note: I had to research that first “note“. Do I win a prize?

triple note: I was interviewed by Prairie Flounder  over at
Sky Fishing. If you’re interested … or not … check out his cool blog

quadruple note: the interview link is the “interested” one.