Trea??? Sure!!!


I’ve never wanted a lot of stuff.

More importantly, funnily enough, but a little seriously.



note: now I can throw out the envelope I originally wrote this on.

double note: I trash talk with the garbage men sometimes.

triple note: Google should come out with Google Treasure Maps.


what I’m listening to now #59: Bic Runga  “Precious Things“.

you might not know that one, but you’ve probably heard this one.


3 responses to “Trea??? Sure!!!

  1. Looks like at least you haven’t lost your marbles. Well, at least that one.

  2. What’s the blue square thing?

  3. These are precious treasures for kids at heart! I agree with your idea. What’s keeping them from creating Google treasure maps?? Can’t wait that long anymore to get rich!

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