Ice Cubical


I swallowed an ice cube

… sometime tomorrow it’s going to be unpleasant in the bathroom.


note: if I could swallow things whole, I wouldn’t: … I’m chewsy.

double note: most small children are picky eaters … nose picky eaters. (ew!)

triple note: the “R” on the bear is for “Ross” … before I was “planetross“.


what I’m listening to now #28: something or another … I’m never quite sure.

3 responses to “Ice Cubical

  1. I’ve heard of sock monkeys, but never sock-bears!

  2. I’ve heard Bear is good eating. If you eat this particular bear, you’d have built-in floss!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Brown Road Chronicles: I had a sock monkey as a kid named Pete: the monkey not me.
    I think my ex ex girlfriend knitted this one from scratch … and not from a sock … although she knitted me a few pairs of socks that didn’t resemble socks, but monkeys once.

    S. Le:
    I’ve eaten bear: Winnie the Pooh cookies. They are pretty good!

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