The Best Part


The best part of my day is when…

I’m not thinking about all the stuff that makes up the rest of the day.

Sometimes the best part lasts all day.

Now that’s a whole I don’t mind digging!


note: the rest of my day sometimes involves sleep.

double note: I’m not a hippie! … “digging” just seemed to be “groovy” for this post … and had the right “vibe“.


what I’m listening to now #25:  Fleetwood Mac.

3 responses to “The Best Part

  1. This post had a vibe happening, man. Peace.

    But not peace, out, because that isn’t hippie.

  2. I can’t recall thinking about the stuff that made up the day, but maybe I’ve forgotten recalling it.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    omawarisan: far out, man! … but not far out, man out. … because that isn’t hippie either.

    writerdood: I usually think about what stuff made up the day just before I fall asleep, but then I fall asleep … and it’s forgotten.
    … or turns into weird dreams with flying squirrels and a moose in a university sweater.

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