If I had to be evil, I wouldn’t want to be really evil or even a little evil

… I’d want to be medieval  … like Dracula.


note: actually, I don’t have a mean bone in my body … if I’m mean, I must be having an out of body experience.

double note: mean people are walking lost; they are meandering.


what I’m listening to now #24: Mumford & SonsLittle Lion Man.


6 responses to “Evilution

  1. You’re welcome on the update of your 80’s music all the time. Glad you like the new tunes! I don’t mind BRAGGING here about me being the only source of your current music. My dad was god at it, but I’m better. It’s evilution.

  2. Kelly Pettit: you aren’t the only source of new music for me … elevators and food stores are … crap! … you are right. Thank you (bowing lowly)

  3. I think moderating your evil is important. However, when you are evil do not be moderate when you capture your nemesis. “I could kill you now, but let me stand and chat with you a bit” is the downfall of many a evil doer.

  4. ha! You kill me… or you would if you were like Dracula! I could be your evil “mean-ion” ,Sle-yor!

  5. so Dracula isn’t all that evil

  6. Thanks for the comments!

    omawarisan: moderating evil is okay, but immoderating evil would be drastic.

    S. Le: meandyou have no problems: you’re safe. … wear garlic.

    not at the top at least … only neck high!

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