Mental Patience


Mental Telepathy Checklist

1. Bend Spoon with Mind … or head.   check!

2. See Ghost … total chick flick.   check!

3. Read People’s Thoughts … about what a jerk I am for farting. … check!

4. Mind Control/Brainwashing … daily with strong shampoo.   check!

5. ESP … N.   check!

6. Reading Cards without seeing them … December … mmm Christmas card: January … mmm Birthday card.: February … mmm Valentine’s Day card.   check!


note: thank you to Mr. Pettit for taking time out of his busy day to take photos of me with spoons on my eyes.

double note: no spoons were harmed during this post … and were washed more thoroughly than the ones I put in my mouth … or my mouth.


what I’m listening to now #20: the Reg Dunlop Slapshot pep talk speech.


5 responses to “Mental Patience

  1. You must be very entertaining in class.

  2. I wanted to see you twist those spoons & scoop your eyeballs out. That’s be cool. I guess Kelly didn’t hang around to photograph that bit

  3. I’m a mental patient, just sayin’

  4. Tony, waiting for Ross to bend spoons is like watching paint dry! Besides, I thought he said, “Do you wanna spoon”? – which had me out the door in a hurry! hee-hee.

    Why do we put the word “Mental” in front of Telepathy when we know Telepathy means being able to read peoples thoughts or minds? It’s like repeating yourself. Ross, if I’ve told you once – I’ve told you a thousand times – DON’T repeat yourself! It’s mental! Or it’s Telepathy? huh?

  5. Thanks for all the comments!

    S. Le:
    I think I am … not sure about the students though. hee hee!

    I was going to bend a spoon for the photo, but hey! … I just can’t go around bending spoons … I may need it later … when I haven’t done the dishes for a while.

    why aren’t there womental patients? … politically correctness and all that stuff. What gives?

    Kelly Pettit: we’ve known each other long enought that you usually know what I’m thinking … or what I want you to think what I’m thinking. hee hee!

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