My Right Shoe Is Not Right!


My right shoe is squeaky.
I thought maybe it was a squeaky sock or foot, but now I’m sure.

I wore all my right socks on my left foot and they didn’t squeak.
I wore my left shoe on my right foot and it didn’t squeak.

It’s the shoe.

I’ve adjusted: I just think that it’s a squeaky clean shoe now.

… and my left shoe is dirty.


note: I’d give my left shoe for a right shoe that wasn’t squeaky! … that might work.

double note: some people say “you have to walk a mile in another person’s shoes to know them“, but if you walked in my shoes that squeak would drive you crazy! … and you’d know me.


what I’m listening to now #19: I’m not listening to anyone! … I’m doing my own thing.


3 responses to “My Right Shoe Is Not Right!

  1. Bake it in the oven for a while and see if that helps. But don’t eat it! No matter how good it looks.

  2. How come I don’t squeak when I am clean?

  3. writerdood: I’d like a shoe of steak please … with spaghetti laces and an insole of sole. What do I want as a shoe tongue? … tongue of course!!!

    bearmancartoons: mice must be clean … and that squeaky wheel because it has no grease.

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