Do Nuts: Don’t Nuts



Golfers must like doughnuts because they can always get a hole in one.


note: doughnuts and cookies are great, but the only cookie doughnuts I’ve ever seen … were little kids dipping their fingers in the cookie dough when mom wasn’t looking.
I’ve seen it through my own eyes! … and finger. hee hee!

double note: I haven’t done doughnuts in a car forever. When did I become so non-reckless?

triple note: why are they called doughnuts? … they usually don’t have nuts in them.


what I’m listening to now #18:  Alkaline Trio.

2 responses to “Do Nuts: Don’t Nuts

  1. This photo makes me glad I don’t eat donuts! I certainly wouldn’t eat one of those. They would make me tired.

  2. S. Le: as Mr. Pettit says “it was a drive by shooting” for this photo. He seems to think I take 50% of my photos from behind the wheel.
    He was driving at the time, so this isn’t one of those.

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