Ironing In A Wrinkly Shirt


It’s ironic that the definition of “irony” doesn’t include

describing the qualities or characteristics of iron“.


note: usually I have a poem with a snowman photo, so …

laughing at an ant’s antic
or a pan’s panic
could make a man manic.

double note: I see I may get an icy response to the “ic” post.

triple note: past poetic endeavors … and snowmen are here.

quadruple note: the poems are usually short … because I’m no Longfellow.


what I’m listening to now #17: Keith Richards … I don’t know what he’s saying, but the songs are good.

6 responses to “Ironing In A Wrinkly Shirt

  1. I checked out your poetry. You are quite right – mostly.

  2. Too funny! Love your poetry! Keep on writing!

  3. It looks like the snowman is floating on water. Melted snow is water so it’s pretty ironic that he’s floating on it

  4. Nothing is ever steelonic or copperonic or aluminiumonic.

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Tooty Nolan: I usually am almost right about stuff.

    segmation: thanks! Good luck with your endeavor: it looks like something people might really enjoy.

    Tony: water I tried reading “Youtuberculosisonic” out loud, but I failed badly.

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