Cabbage Rolling Thunder


If aliens attack earth, they’ll probably want to take out the biggest threats first:

… global warming, heart disease, cancer, deforestation, nuclear weapons, rogue nations, and the entire cast of The Expendables 2.

An alien attack is iffy, so we might want to start making a contingency plan for all that stuff.


note: alien violence sounds better than domestic violence.

double note: aliens are alien to me … I don’t know “Y” … or any of its friends.

triple note: think globally; act locally. I’m doing my part: community theater.

quadruple note: yes, I know I’ve used a similar photo before:


what I’m listening to now #16:  Toad The Wet Sprocket.

6 responses to “Cabbage Rolling Thunder

  1. Now I want to make stew.

  2. Considering all the farms around me, it’s amazing that I have never seen cabbage growing. Kind of creepy in a way.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    writerdood: your comment makes me want to make stew too!

    Brown Road Chronicles: if you don’t see people playing cribbage either … it could be a conspiracy!

  4. I think there’s every chance that aliens might confuse cabbages with Earth’s best brains.

  5. And we thought aliens came from outerspace but they’re really from the cabbage patch

  6. Tooty Nolan: I wonder who has the best brain on Earth?: there should be a prize for that.
    I’m sure the person with it could think of a really good prize!

    Tony: aliens must hate rabbits.

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