An Analgesic Antonym


Probably the opposite of laughing gas is crying gas

… and that makes me sad.


note: I’ve never used laughing gas; I just use regular air when I laugh.

double note: some people think farts are disgusting, but I think they are just disgasting.

triple note: a gust of farts would be really bad, so would an August of farts.

quadruple note: sorry S. Le, every time I crawl out of the sewer something drags me back in.
We are both talking about farts at the same time. I didn’t notice until I peeked over at your blog to copy the URL.


what I’m listening to now #12: the sky trying to snow.

4 responses to “An Analgesic Antonym

  1. Are you a smart feller or a fart smeller? My dad’s quote.

  2. Cocoa seems puzzled, despite the awesome crown and lap of love.

    I’d be aghast if an August of farts gusted by me :/

  3. I love the English translation. Makes much sense, innit?

  4. Thanks for the comments!

    bearmancartoons: my father’s words of wisdom to me were “If you’re looking for sympathy, look between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.”

    eksith: I see a lot of pencil cases. This one was okay, but this is the best:

    S. Le: I don’t think I’ve ever lapped cocoa … I just drink it like a man.

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