Reminiscing In Action


Sometimes I think of a person I haven’t thought about in years; their face or name pops into my head for no special reason and I wonder where they are now, what they are doing, and how their life is working out for them?

I thought of a person like this today: it took me by surprise, brought up a flood of memories, and made me ask,

“Where is Waldo?”

… but alas he’s lost in the crowd to me these days.


note: if I was lost, they’d send a search puzzle instead of a search party for me, sadly.

double note: I’m sure you have you’re own personal Waldo, Wally, Willy, Holger,  Walter, Charlie, Hetti, Valli, Effy, or Hugo.


what I’m listening to now #11: ABBA … their old stuff.


3 responses to “Reminiscing In Action

  1. He is everywhere, and he is nowhere. Waldo is zen

  2. About an inch from the left in the middle-ish.

    What do I win?

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    omawarisan: you never see Waldo by himself: he has issues maybe.

    cynicalscribble: my co-worker found him first when I wanted to take the photo: I was sure he wasn’t on my side of the page!!!!
    … so you win nothing because I’m disgruntled.

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