Before Fire Man!


Cavemen must have asked “What’s burning?” before fire was invented

… and afterwards too!


note: if I was a caveman, I’d still want to live in a house; call me old fashion … or modern … but don’t call me hairy because I’d be sensitive about that.

double note:clubbing” probably meant something different to cavemen.

triple note: coffee is fine, but coffeet would be weird.


what I’m listening to now #8:  old Weezer.


2 responses to “Before Fire Man!

  1. What the hell is that stuff. Coffee in a can? Smoked coffee? At first I figured it was a beer can.

    • Brown Road Chronicles: it’s hot coffee in a can. It’s a real popular beverage found in most vending machines and convenience stores in Japan. This is one of the stupider labels I’ve seen to describe the coffee.

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