Practically Dreaming


I dreamt …

I was falling … while bungee jumping.

I was running but not moving … on a treadmill.

I saw a unicorn … in a book.

I was flying … in an airplane … in economy class as usual.

I bought a lottery ticket … and lost.

All my teeth were falling out … but I was 6 in the dream.

I was standing stark naked … in my shower.

I stood by helplessly watching the world being destroyed … in a movie theatre with 3D glasses.


note: I’d never dream about failing a test!

double note: I don’t have time to daydream, so I just hourdream.

triple note: I guess Eve should be there at the beginning of the world and at the end: Eve of Destruction … I think that’s what that song is talking about.


what I’m listening to #5: The Tragically Hip.

4 responses to “Practically Dreaming

  1. I hate falling dreams. Perhaps a switcheroo would make the dreams more interesting. Falling in the shower. Bungee jumping naked. Running on an economy class treadmill when you were 6. The possibilities are endless.
    I often have naked in public dreams & I’m always freaking out about being naked but no-one ever seems to notice that the bald man at the mall is naked

    • Tony: I almost never have falling/naked/being chased dreams. My most reoccurring dream has to do with teaching a class of students ranging from adults to pre-schoolers. I spend most of the dream pretending to make photocopies. … I usually wake up with both arms sleeping: waiting for the blood to return to them usually involves thinking: I hope no one phones me right now.

  2. One time I dreamt I was sleeping and I woke up in the dream. Then I went to school without clothes on.
    Just like real life.

  3. Bunks Trutts: are you still in school? … if you’re a fish, that’s okay; but if you’re an adult human, I’m guessing traffic school. hee hee!

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