Synapse Gap Gaping With Open Mouth


I suffer from nomentumtarily sometimes:

it involves no momentum for short periods of times.

… I just have to do nothing until it passes.


note: It could be mental or physical, but I’m pretty sure it’s not spiritual .. thank God!!!!
… I thank a lot of things that I’m not sure about like daylight savings, another tissue in the box, and exact change.

double note: I’m good intentionally … so I guess the road to hell isn’t paved with what I’m thinkingally.

triple note: I guess I”m saying I’m sporadic these days … without that mushroom stuff.


what I’m listening to now #1: Johnny Cash and Joni Mitchell

5 responses to “Synapse Gap Gaping With Open Mouth

  1. “nomentumtarily”… isn’t that almost the same as “inertarily”? I’ve never really understood the difference, perhaps becasue I’m physicsally challenged.

  2. The perimentumationally inclined should get in touch with the nomentumtarily inclined and have a sporadic post-mentumariad contra-collaboration party. You know, just for kicks.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Donald Diddams: I think they are the same; they both lack motion … kind of like most words that don’t end in “motion“. hee hee!

    that sounds good, but what does it mean??? (head exploding like in the movie Scanners)

  4. I thought it was Joni Cash & Johnny Mitchell

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