A student drew a picture of me while waiting around for another student to show up for class.
She started with the hair, then drew a line … that I thought were eyebrows, and then she drew the eyebrows!!!

Kids are pretty observant.

The other kid showed up for class, so I don’t know if she observed my wrinkly shirt as well.


note: kids are brutally honest … or honestly brutal.

double note: today’s word is “Shiwa” or wrinkles.

triple note: I don’t teach an art class.

7 responses to “Portraitor!

  1. What does it say above wrinkles? Is that Hebrew?

  2. But look at all those stars! Your student must like you, wrinkles and all!

  3. that’s what i said .i didn’t see the wrinkles,just the hebrew.

  4. your students seem pretty impressed by ancient cave art

  5. What’s up with your mustache? All you got were stipples. Brutal.

  6. You seem very level headed.

  7. Thanks for all the comments! Sorry for being such a shirker replying to comments. No excuses; just tardy.

    bearmancartoons: maybe it means “wrinkles” in Hebrew. I don’t know, I barely speak English improperly!

    Donald Diddams: I cropped the photo: there were more stars! … I’m pretty sure she likes me … she doesn’t say I smell or anything like that. hee hee!

    errinspelling: I think those are my Hebrows. hee hee!
    Thanks for stopping by!

    mohsin: not ancient cave art … just ancient English teachers.

    writerdood: all I got are stipples I guess: I’m not a mustache sort of person. If I had a cat, I’d put cream on my whiskers and let the cat lick them off.

    omawarisan: at least I’m not unbalanced!!!

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