I don’t know if some days are better than others

… I don’t know how others spend their days.


note: the problem with better days is that you never know which one is the best.

double note: actually I’m hoping my last day on this earth will be the best … kind of like the last day of summer vacation.

triple note: I’ve been alive for 17,547 days in a row so far … I’m hoping to break that record tomorrow!

quadruple note: how many days in a row have you been alive? You can check here.

quintuple note: 86400 seconds in a day … unless you go to a buffet … than I don’t know how many seconds you will have!


6 responses to “86400

  1. Yesterday, all my problems seemed so far away… Now I don’t remember what they were, so… yeah. Today is better!

  2. I’m hoping you break that record tomorrow too
    I like that Frog
    is 86400 the date for the 86th of April 2000?

  3. Cheers for all those who’ll divide 17,547 by 365 ))

  4. Thanks for all the comments!

    writerdood: that’s the nice thing about yesterday: you can kind of forget about it … unless you ended up in prison. hee hee!

    Tony: I broke the record! I can’t believe it!!! I’ll have to check the 2000 calendar in the closet and get to back to you on that one.

    mohsin: just check the link. I’m 48 in human years … or 4 cycles of the dragon … or I have lived longer than the end of the Mayan calendar … or a lot longer than Jesus … but he maybe remembered longer than I.

  5. Planetross! You’ll be separately interrogated at the gates of heaven for doubting the popularity of Jesus 😛

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