Most Children


Most children ask, “Why is the sky blue?”

As a child my question was …

“Why is the sky sky-blue?”

I was childish even as a child.


note: I consider it a twofer when I can see the moon in the daytime. … seeing the sun at night would be more of a done f0r.


7 responses to “Most Children

  1. In July on a bone dry day under a sky-blue sky, I set my kite to fly sky-high. Its string did snap, evoking my wry sigh, but it did not die, my kite in the sky. It flew up high, and I said goodbye, wondering if someone would comply with the note that implied I would supply payment should it be returned. Now I wait and standby for the reply to my plea, while others fly their own kites nearby.

  2. writerdood: that just rolls off the tongue when read aloud. … a lot better than that “rain in Spain” crap that doesn’t seem to disappear.

  3. It would look weird if it was brown or bright green

  4. I suppose the Astronauts may think higher thoughts than the rest of us or at least have a different perspective on the sky.

  5. S. Le: and free Tang!!!! … do they still make that crap?
    I think anyone who has seen the moon from outerspace has been a very lucky monkey … except for monkeys who have done that.

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