It’s One or the Otherish


If you’re not selfish, you’re the otherish.


note: people should probably write their own self-help books.

double note: I wrote a self-help book about buffet style restaurants … or maybe that was a help-yourself book.

triple note: are there Coles Notes, Cliffs Notes, Spark Notes, or York Notes for self-help books? … I like having other people do the hard work for me.

quadruple note: I’m not feeling too selfish today … maybe it’s an out of body experience.


7 responses to “It’s One or the Otherish

  1. Makes me want to create a character named Sellfish. Probably the son of a fish salesman. Imagine how badly the other kids will tease him. It’s the perfect name for a bitter disillusioned medieval assassin character.

  2. writerdood: I’ve always wanted to create a character called “Mel Content“. hee hee!

  3. I think thieves study help your self books.

  4. If I wrote a self-help book, it would contain just one word.

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