5 Farts per Hand

the band-aid is because I cut myself shaving.


I can’t count on one hand how many fingers I have!


note: on the one hand there are 5, but on the other hand there are 5 too!

double note: I consider 5 toes a foot of toes … no matter how small they are.

triple note: before people had hands I wonder what they could count on.

quadruple note: if you are a palm reader … I really didn’t do all that bad stuff it says I did.

quintuple note: there really should be a contradictionary for argument’s sake!

6 responses to “5 Farts per Hand

  1. You were shaving your knuckles?

  2. Donald Diddams: I say I cut myself shaving no matter where the cut is.
    hee hee!

  3. Do you wipe with the same hand you count with?

  4. bearmancartoons: I guess you could say I’ve always counted on the hand I wipe with. hee hee!

  5. This information will come in handy.
    I Googled for a Cointreaudictionary but all I found was websites about drinks. I didn’t visit any of them as they were too Cointreauversial

  6. Tony: hee hee!
    … isn’t there a famous Spanish song called “Cointreau, Cointreau, Cointreau“?

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