It’s Under There

I'm not showing you my underwear ... again.


Sometimes I wear the same underwear for 2 days

… but not consecutively.


note: wearing 6 feet underwear sounds like a really bad thing.

double note: being an under werewolf sounds not so desirable either.

triple note: it’s my birthday today.
I walked in a straight line all day, but I still turned 48 years old anyway.

quadruple note: if I had a choice, I’d have my birthdays out of order … wouldn’t that be nice.

9 responses to “It’s Under There

  1. May your birthday be filled with joy, which ever underwear is chosen.

  2. smilecalm: thanks.
    I don’t usually choose the underwear; it chooses me. … it keeps life simple.

  3. Happy Birthday, Ross! And you’ve given me a great present — the thought about having birthdays out of order. But never the same one twice, right?

  4. I go for consecutive days

  5. Happy Birthday Ross. Perhaps you should spend it in your “birthday suit”!

  6. My undies are made of colour changing indicator material. When they turn yellow it’s nearly time to change them. When they turn brown it’s REALLY time to change them

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: yes, never the same one twice … unless you believe in reincarnation. It might backfire if there are never any when you are really old though.

    bearmancartoons: hardcore.

    Brown Road Chronicles:
    I spend most days in the birthday suit, but it’s not too warm so I put clothes over it.

    Tony: your underwear sound like Autumn leaves.
    Have you tried turning them inside out to last a few more days?

  8. Happy Birthday. Perhaps underwear with days of the week labels?

  9. drgeo: thanks. I’ve tried “Seven Dwarves” underwear, but I ended up wearing the Sleepy ones too much. I might have the same problem with the days of the week ones … I’d always want it to be Friday.

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