In 2011 I went for my first health check in about 15 years.
The results were okay, except my cholesterol was pretty high.

I wanted to do better on my 2012 health check, so for 3 weeks before the exam I cut out fast food/ramen/most meat/carbohydrates and gorged myself on vegetables/seaweed/fruit/tofu.

Mr. Pettit commented that I was trying to cheat the test.
I considered it cramming for the test … cramming vegetables/seaweed/fruit/tofu down my throat.

The results were a lot better than the previous year.

For the past 3 months I’ve continued to eat more healthily, been to the gym most days, and have avoided fast food and ramen.

I’ve lost about 5 kilograms, gained a bit of muscle, … and actually really like seaweed salads.

I hope this year in October when I go for the health check I can supersize the urine sample cup … and they give me a prize for best improved person.


note: for the last 2 years my boss’s wife is the person who draws blood from me … I find that ironic for some reason.

10 responses to “Health

  1. I have the same problem, somewhat elevated cholesterol levels. Honestly I’ve never made much effort to improve it. Maybe this year… tough to find seaweed around these parts though! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. I finally realized all the diet and exercise wasn’t helping and finally went to a Statin.

  3. Brown Road Chronicles: I’ve been a pretty big slacker about eating veggies and fruit for quite a few years, so I thought I’d give them another try. The seaweed was just a bonus.
    Here’s a video I thought was interesting about how to live to be 100:

    bearmancartoons: I’m not sure if the diet and exercise will help either: I’ll find out next October. Even if they don’t help to lower my cholesterol, my pants fit a bit better now. hee hee!

  4. You make us smile 🙂 Wish you a Healthy and Happy 2013

  5. Would you like fries with your urine cup???
    Health improvement is always good news Ross.

  6. mohsin: thanks. I wish you health and happiness and wealth and wappiness in 2013.

    Tony: there should be a urine cup for people who piss their lives away. hee hee!

    • I still have my “Piss Here” toilet target stickers in my bedside table drawer. They seem too good to put in the toilet. I will probably keep them till I die then have one stuck on the lid of my coffin for people to aim at as I’m lowered into my grave.

  7. Tony: you should use them … I’ve heard people talking.
    And there are still a lot more of them left in the store, if you want some more.

  8. That monkey’s tail looks like an extra foot! So glad evolution got rid of that feature! I should eat your same diet as I need to lose nearly 2 stone to be really fit. One stone would suffice though. One stone would be better since I wouldn’t need an entirely new wardrobe!

  9. S. Le: yes, it’s a pretty weird looking tail.
    This was part of a larger mural outside of the bathrooms at a recycle shop. There was a pink monkey in the trees on the women’s side.

    I think the biggest benefit of losing a little weight has been mental; I mentally feel a little better.

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