Life is fetalistic.


note: sleeping in the “fatal position” doesn’t sound like a good idea.


Today #381

I hope I’m just an inverted “C” in the circle of life at this point.

7 responses to “I’mbryo

  1. I think I sleep in the feral position. At least according to my wife.

  2. Sleeping in the fecal position would be much worse. Cute little mushrooms

  3. Very colorful. It’s a perfect spot for some Lego people to start a village.

  4. What about the FUNGAL position, given your lovely mushroom image!

  5. …but are they “magic” mushrooms? Is that a Vietnamese hat plant?

  6. @writerdood, 🙂 lol. I concur!

  7. What happened to our favorite Guy Jean? Someone’s spending too much time in the benjo..

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