Jockey Shorts: Other People Longs


I guess jockeys don’t have a happy place.


note: I may be back … or just behind where I will be in the future.

double note: thank you for all the comments.
I’m alive and well.
I hope everyone is healthy and happy, if not wealthy and wise … and still pounding out awesome blog material.


Today #379

Today I didn’t have any kind of revelation … just an ordinary popsiclation.

8 responses to “Jockey Shorts: Other People Longs

  1. Nice to see you’re still alive!
    Put a basket with a pillow in it at the end of the table for the jockeys, and they’ll at least have a pleasant fall. Autumn isn’t quite here yet, but it feels like it. Hopefully she’ll bring some chocolate with her.

  2. Glad to see you alive and well!

  3. Well, maybe I’m still here

  4. I’m here…but now I am gone.

  5. I always wonder how they stop them growing too big. They must take anti-steroids or something

  6. BTW in answer to your question, Yes I am still pumping out awesome material.

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    writerdood: only death can kill me … and assorted zombies in video games. hee hee!

    Brown Road Chronicles: thanks! I really like your latest youtube video.

    omawarisan: I’ll check to see if you are still here … not that I don’t believe you or anything.

    Bearman Cartoons: where do you go when you are not here? … there? I’ve visited there before.

    Tony: there must be a cartel of jockey scouts out there scouring the general population for vertically challenged people.

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